Size Requirements

Above features a typical Cantilevered Roped arrangement for Front (left) and Front & Side (right).

1 - Different shaft sizes from those listed in the above table can be accommodated by Amerivator Systems Corporation.
Please contact our engineering department to determine the capacity options available to you at your given dimensions.
2 - Pocketing a door will reduce the required hoistway depth for a given capacity.
3 - All dimensions are for information only and cannot be used for construction without being confirmed by
Amerivator Systems Corporation
4 - Cantilevered is available in the side mounted arrangement. Contact engineering for more details.

Other Requirements


The minimum pit depth is 4’-6” deep. The minimum overhead is 12’-4” for a cab 8’-0” high.

Sample machine room layout

The machine room should be adjacent to the shaft, usually at the lowest floor served for ease of installing the oil line. Please see our standard. Please contact engineering for any other layouts.

Single Hitch Sample Layout