Hydraulic Packages

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Direct at Side Car Frame

In this arrangement, the connection between car frame and piston is direct (1:1 system). It is generally used for installations with short runs but it can also be used with long runs by means of telescopic pistons at more stages.

The piston is positioned in the shaft and the elevator does not need safety gear block.

2:1 System Car Frame

In this arrangement, the connection between car frame and piston is indirect and is carried out through a 2:1 system with ropes tied to the car frame on one side and to a dead-end hitch in pit, with a pulley set on the piston head, on the other. In comparison with the direct traction, the load doubles and the speed halves even keeping this same cylinder. Also, all restraints about the travel length decay. It is necessary to provide the car frame with a safety gear block and, in some countries, with a speed regulator.

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2 Direct at Side Pistons Car Frame

This arrangement is used for large-scale goods elevators with short runs. Cylinders can be installed diagonally, as shown in the picture, or opposite, according to the design choices. Guide shoes are generally sliding and in special material.

2:1 System Car Frame with 2 Pistons

This arrangement is used for goods elevators with long runs. The same concepts as the ones concerning the 2:1 system arrangement are applied. It is compulsory the use of safety gear block calculated according to the speed and the load to transport.

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Direct Below Cabin Car Frame

This arrangement is generally used in special design needs. A safety gear block is not required and a piston with more stages can be used to obtain a long run. The main disadvantage is the necessity of a hole to position the cylinder.


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