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Blain Product Range
Illustrating hydraulic valves and other Blain equipment, serving to improve elevator safety and comfort, reduce travelling time and increase stopping accuracy. For additional information, please contact Amerivator.

Product Description

RL-Ramloc: By clamping the ram, during the loading of the car, sinking of the car due to compressibility of the oil is reduced.

R10-Rupture Valve: Decelerates the elevator in case the down speed exceeds allowable limits. Alternatives connections available.

BV-Ball Valve: To close pressure lines.
Connections: 1 1/2", 2" and 2 1/2" G or NPT.

L10-Pressure Lock Valve: Is a pilot operated check valve which prevents down movement of the elevator should an electrical or mechanical malfunction occur in the main valve (required in Australia).

HX-Manual Down Valve: Can be used for emergency manual lowering or in combination with the EV down valve to test the rupture valve.

MX-Solenoid Down Valve: For revision or inspection travel of the elevator or as an extra slow speed down valve.

EV-Control Valve: A selection of valves with flows ranging from 10-1600 l/min (2.6-416 gpm), from regular to highest comfort performance.

KV-Control Valve: For small hydraulic elevators with speeds ranging from 0,16 m/s to 0,8 m/s (32-160 fpm), depending on the valve type.

H11; H12-Hand Pump: For application with hydraulic lifting or pressing equipment and for the pressure testing of hydraulic systems in general.

FD-Fine Leveling Drive: A small motor, pump and valve block provide immediate re- levelling and accurate floor stops.

TH-Tank Heater: Prevents the oil temperature from falling below desirable levels after a period of non-operation of hydraulic equipment.


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